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ThumbnailBroadleaf ConsultingSilver SponsorBroadleaf provides expertise and tools to support the development of projects and initiatives that thrive. The first commitment of Broadleaf is to ensure that activities and processes are effective, inclusive and sustainable, with well-founded plans, useful monitoring and evaluation frameworks and relationships with partners and networks that enhance project outcomes.https://broadleafconsulting.ca/index.html
ThumbnailCarleton UniversitySilver SponsorOur online graduate Diploma in Public Policy and Program Evaluation (DPE) prepares you to take on the roles of evaluators and managers of evaluation. Because the DPE is delivered exclusively online, you can complete it while employed without the need to relocate to the National Capital Region.https://carleton.ca/sppa/dpe/
ThumbnailCES - SCÉ - AB/NWTThe CES Alberta & Northwest Territories Chapter is a leader for evaluation in Alberta and the Northwest Territories, and a major contributor in the national evaluation community. We are a volunteer-run non-profit association dedicated to the advancement of evaluation theory and practice.http://ab.evaluationcanada.ca/
ThumbnailCES - SCÉ BC ChapterCESBC is a volunteer and member funded organization devoted to supporting the evaluation community in BC. We host networking events and offer regionally-based professional development.https://www.cesbcy.ca/
ThumbnailCES - SCÉ NLThe Canadian Evaluation Society's Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter (CES-NL) is a provincial chapter of the CES. The CES-NL brings together professionals from the public, community-based, private, and academic sectors who have an interest in results-focused management and accountability for investments in a wide range of programs and services. We provide evaluators in Newfoundland and Labrador with a link to the national platform and access to numerous local and national professional development opportunities.https://evaluationcanada.ca/newfoundland-and-labrador-chapter
CES - SCÉ PEIGold Sponsorhttps://evaluationcanada.ca/prince-edward-island
ThumbnailCES-SK ChapterCES - SK Chapter promotes evaluation theory and practice and serves its membership through: professional development for members in the form of workshops, special publications, and other information for practitioners, students, and clients of evaluation; communication among evaluators, both as clients and suppliers, through conferences, newsletter, member services, liaison with the government, private sector, not-for-profit groups, and others; and articulation and promotion of best practice for all aspects of the evaluation of programs.https://evaluationcanada.ca/ces-sk
ThumbnailCHEOSSilver SponsorThe Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences (CHÉOS) is a group of experienced health outcomes researchers based at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, BC. Our investigators evaluate the effectiveness of health interventions in populations to understand how to improve health and transform health systems for the future.http://www.cheos.ubc.ca/
ThumbnailCircumCircum Network is a strategic research and intervention consulting company focusing on the strategic phases of decision making. Our mission: to help organizations grow by providing advice based on solid principles and on knowledge stemming from the use of rigorous methods.https://ssl.circum.com/
ThumbnailCJPE / CES National OfficeDedicated to the advancement of evaluation theory and practice.https://evaluationcanada.ca/
ThumbnailDart Frog EventsSilver SponsorWe are the perfect add-on to your corporate event. Whether it's a "thank-you" to your staff for their hard work or just the added touch you need to show off your brand.https://dartfrogevents.com/
ThumbnailDig InsightsDig Insights (Dig) is a bilingual research and evaluation firm located in Toronto, ON, with satellite offices in Ottawa, ON and Vancouver, BC. Since its inception in 2010, the Dig team has grown steadily and is now comprised of more than 70 full-time research and evaluation professionals. Dig is built on a foundation of sound and representative research principles as Dig works with their clients to customize every project, ensuring that the right questions are asked, quality data is collected and then depicted in a real-world context to produce valid and reliable results that allow our clients to make evidence-based decisions about programs and policies.https://www.diginsights.com/
ThumbnailFerence & CompanyPlatinum SponsorFerence & Company is one of Canada’s oldest and largest program evaluation consulting firms. Established in 1980, Ference & Company has conducted more than 400 program evaluations for federal and provincial governments and non-profit organizations across Canada. Our firm has specialized expertise in developing performance measurement strategies, evaluation frameworks and program evaluations involving multiple lines of evidence. We have standing offers with many federal government departments and have conducted a number of assignments to review government-wide policies on behalf of Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. We have also assisted in the development and design of numerous government policies and programs.http://www.ferenceandco.com/
ThumbnailGoss Gilroy Inc.Gold SponsorGoss Gilroy Inc. (GGI) is a privately-owned Canadian management consulting firm offering a wide range of services to public, not-for-profit and private sector clients. Founded in 1981, it has a staff of over 20 professionals.http://www.ggi.ca
ThumbnailHorizons Community Development Associates Inc.Horizons Community Development Associates is a Nova Scotia-based consulting company focused on helping communities achieve their goals. Committed to empowerment and social justice; respect for people in groups marginalized by society; engagement with communities; and attention to process, we offer value-added services in evaluation and research, project management, planning, stakeholder consultation, and event planning.https://www.horizonscda.ca/
ThumbnailJitsutechSilver SponsorJitsu Technologies Inc. is a group of Experts with 40(+) years experience in evaluation, information technology and customer support.https://www.jitsutech.com
ThumbnailLe Groupe Conseil BaastelSilver SponsorFor 30 years, Baastel has been at the forefront of evaluation practice, providing M&E services, strategic planning, project management and capacity building to our clients worldwide. We have built a strong team of in-house specialists which is complemented by a solid network of associates spread over five continents. Our strength lies in our ability to combine innovative and participatory approaches with sound data collection and analytical techniques to identify issues of critical relevance for optimizing performance and long-term capacity of our clients.http://www.baastel.com/
ThumbnailPDP / CES National OfficeDedicated to the advancement of evaluation theory and practice.https://evaluationcanada.ca/
ThumbnailPRA Inc.Gold SponsorPRA is a full service, client-focused research company with offices in Winnipeg and Ottawa. Our goal is to ensure that research supports action, and that balanced information assists strategic planning.http://www.pra.ca
ThumbnailProactive Information Services Inc.Silver Sponsorhttp://www.proactive.mb.ca/
ThumbnailR.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd.Platinum SponsorWe provide cross-sectional, full-service evaluation and research services and develop and deliver custom solutions to respond to each client's unique needs.https://www.malatest.com/
ThumbnailSFU Continuing Studies - Leadership and Community BuildingThe SFU’s Leadership and Community Building Programs work with diverse communities, partners and faculty members to co-create and offer a wide spectrum of programming. Our new certificate, Evaluation for Social Changes and Transformational Learning positions evaluation as a powerful and transformative learning tool. Learners will build the key skills and core competencies needed to design and implement meaningful, culturally responsive evaluation processes in a world where change is the only constant. The program fosters multiple, diverse ways of knowing, including a focus on Indigenous ways of knowing. Learners will have the opportunity to think critically about dominant Western paradigms and scientific methods, and challenge their thinking about what is considered evidence. We’ve designed our program for professional evaluators, grant-makers, internal evaluators, program managers, and leaders interested in evaluative thinking.https://www.sfu.ca/continuing-studies.html
ThumbnailSocial Research and Demonstration CorporationSilver SponsorSRDC is a mission-driven, Canadian non-profit research and evaluation organization. For 27 years, SRDC has been building a base of knowledge and experience about what works in the provision of workforce development, education, income security, health and well-being, immigrant integration, and almost all other social programs and policy areas. SRDC is recognized across Canada, and internationally, as a leader in the design, implementation, and evaluation of large-scale demonstration and experimental projects. We also conduct program evaluation and impact analyses for a wide range of government and non-governmental organizations.http://www.srdc.org/
ThumbnailTD InsuranceSilver SponsorTD Insurance Meloche Monnex Get ready to save on home, condo, renter’s and car insurance. As a trusted partner, the TD Insurance Meloche Monnex program is dedicated to helping Canadian Institute for Non-Destructive members get access to preferred rates on home, condo, renter’s and car insurance coverage.https://www.tdinsurance.com/affinity/CINDE
ThumbnailThree Hive Consulting, Inc.Three Hive Consulting specializes in evaluation. We are Credentialed Evaluators who love what we do – helping our clients achieve their vision through learning and improvement.http://threehive.ca/
ThumbnailUniversaliaGold SponsorEstablished in Montreal since 1980, Universalia is a Management Consulting company specializing in Monitoring, Evaluation and Performance Measurement. As a renowned leader in its field, Universalia is committed to supporting its diverse national and international clientele in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Universalia’s approach to problem-solving links theory and practice and is anchored on the belief that partnerships are a key ingredient to address complex development challenges. Universalia applies its expertise in multiple sectors, education, peace and security, environment gender equality, livelihoods, and governance. We provide our multi-lingual services to the Canadian government, UN agencies, International Financial Institutions, NGOs, Think tanks, bilateral donors, and philanthropic foundations.https://www.universalia.com/en
ThumbnailWellQuest Consulting Ltd.Since 1994, WellQuest has been supporting organizations and communities to enhance their learning and impact. WellQuest 's focus areas span evaluation, applied research, evidence-informed planning and design, and capacity-focused professional development - all grounded in a collaborative, strengths-based approach. WellQuest works across sectors - including social services, justice, recreation, health, and education – and on cross-sector partnerships and system-focused initiatives.http://wellquestconsulting.com
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ThumbnailBroadleaf ConsultingSilver SponsorBroadleaf fournit une expertise et des outils pour soutenir le développement de projets et d'initiatives qui prospèrent. Le premier engagement de Broadleaf est de s'assurer que les activités et les processus sont efficaces, inclusifs et durables, avec des plans bien fondés, des cadres de suivi et d'évaluation utiles et des relations avec des partenaires et des réseaux qui améliorent les résultats du projet.https://broadleafconsulting.ca/index.html
ThumbnailCarleton UniversitySilver SponsorNotre diplôme d'études supérieures en politique publique et évaluation de programmes en ligne vous prépare à assumer le rôle d'évaluateur et de gestionnaire d'évaluation. Comme le programme est offert exclusivement en ligne, vous pouvez le terminer en étant employé sans avoir à vous déplacer dans la région de la capitale nationale.https://carleton.ca/sppa/dpe/
ThumbnailCES - SCÉ - AB/NWThttp://ab.evaluationcanada.ca/
ThumbnailCES - SCÉ BC Chapterhttps://www.cesbcy.ca/
ThumbnailCES - SCÉ NLhttps://evaluationcanada.ca/newfoundland-and-labrador-chapter
CES - SCÉ PEIGold Sponsorhttps://evaluationcanada.ca/prince-edward-island
ThumbnailCES-SK Chapterhttps://evaluationcanada.ca/ces-sk
ThumbnailCHEOSSilver Sponsorhttp://www.cheos.ubc.ca/
ThumbnailCircumLe Réseau Circum est une entreprise de consultation en recherche et intervention qui se consacre aux phases stratégiques de la prise de décision. Notre mission : aider les organisations à grandir en prodiguant des conseils basés sur des principes solides et sur des connaissances découlant de l'utilisation de méthodes rigoureuseshttps://ssl.circum.com/
ThumbnailCJPE / CES National OfficeVouée à l'avancement de la théorie et de la pratique de l'évaluation.https://evaluationcanada.ca/
ThumbnailDart Frog EventsSilver SponsorNous sommes le complément parfait à votre événement corporatif. Qu'il s'agisse d'un "merci" à votre personnel pour son travail acharné ou simplement pour la touche supplémentaire dont vous avez besoin pour montrer votre marque.https://dartfrogevents.com/
ThumbnailDig Insightshttps://www.diginsights.com/
ThumbnailFerence & CompanyPlatinum SponsorFerence & Company est l’un des cabinets de conseil en évaluation de programmes les plus anciens et importants au Canada. Fondé en 1980, Ference & Company a effectué plus de 400 évaluations de programmes pour le gouvernement fédéral, les gouvernements provinciaux, et des organismes à but non lucratif partout au Canada. Notre cabinet possède une expertise spécialisée dans l’élaboration de stratégies de mesure du rendement, de cadres d'évaluation et d’évaluations de programmes intégrant plusieurs sources de données. Nous avons des offres permanentes auprès de nombreux ministères fédéraux et avons effectué des projets pour examiner des politiques gouvernementales au nom du Secrétariat du Conseil du Trésor du Canada. Nous avons également aidé à l'élaboration et à la conception de nombreuses politiques et programmes gouvernementaux.http://www.ferenceandco.com/
ThumbnailGoss Gilroy Inc.Gold SponsorGoss Gilroy Inc. (GGI) est une société canadienne de consultants en management offrant une vaste gamme de services aux clients des secteurs public, à but non lucratif et privé. Fondée en 1981, elle emploie plus de 20 professionnels.http://www.ggi.ca
ThumbnailHorizons Community Development Associates Inc.https://www.horizonscda.ca/
ThumbnailJitsutechSilver SponsorJitsu Technologies inc. est un groupe d'experts avec 40 ans d'expérience en évaluation, technologie de l'information et soutien à la clientèle.https://www.jitsutech.com
ThumbnailLe Groupe Conseil BaastelSilver SponsorDepuis 30 ans Baastel est un chef de file en matière de suivi et d'évaluation, de planification stratégique, de gestion de projet et de renforcement des capacités. Nous avons construit une équipe d’experts de haut niveau et un solide réseau d'associés fournissant des services de qualité sur cinq continents. Notre force réside dans notre capacité à combiner des approches novatrices et participatives avec des méthodes de collecte de données et d'analyse afin d'identifier des questions d'importance critique, et d’optimiser la performance et les capacités à long terme de nos clients.http://www.baastel.com/
ThumbnailPDP / CES National OfficeVouée à l'avancement de la théorie et de la pratique de l'évaluation.https://evaluationcanada.ca/
ThumbnailPRA Inc.Gold SponsorLa firme de recherche PRA offre une vaste gamme de services de qualité axés sur les besoins des clients, à partir de ses bureaux à Winnipeg et Ottawa. L’objectif de la firme est de s’assurer que la recherche entraîne l’action et que l’information équilibrée contribue à la planification stratégique.http://www.pra.ca
ThumbnailProactive Information Services Inc.Silver Sponsorhttp://www.proactive.mb.ca/
ThumbnailR.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd.Platinum Sponsorhttps://www.malatest.com/
ThumbnailSFU Continuing Studies - Leadership and Community Buildinghttps://www.sfu.ca/continuing-studies.html
ThumbnailSocial Research and Demonstration CorporationSilver SponsorLa SRSA est un organisme canadien de recherche et d'évaluation, à but non lucratif, au service d’une mission. Depuis 27 ans, la SRSA acquiert des connaissances et de l’expérience à propos des approches efficaces dans les domaines du perfectionnement de la main-d’œuvre, l’éducation, la sécurité du revenu, la santé et le bien-être, l’intégration des immigrants et la quasi-totalité des programmes sociaux et des autres domaines de politique sociale. La SRSA est reconnue à l’échelle du Canada et à l’échelle internationale en tant que chef de file dans le domaine de la conception, la mise en œuvre et l’évaluation de projets de démonstration et d’expérimentation de grande envergure, mais nous faisons aussi des évaluations de programme et des analyses d’impact pour une grande variété d’organismes gouvernementaux et non gouvernementaux.http://www.srdc.org/
ThumbnailTD InsuranceSilver SponsorTD Assurance Meloche Monnex Soyez prêt à économiser sur l’assurance habitation pour propriétaire, copropriétaire et locataire et l’assurance auto. À titre de partenaire de confiance, le programme TD Assurance Meloche Monnex est conçu pour aider les membres de Canadian Institute for Non-Destructive à avoir accès à des tarifs préférentiels d’assurance habitation pour propriétaire, copropriétaire et locataire et d’assurance auto.https://www.tdinsurance.com/affinity/CINDE
ThumbnailThree Hive Consulting, Inc.Three Hive Consulting specializes in evaluation. We are Credentialed Evaluators who love what we do – helping our clients achieve their vision through learning and improvement.http://threehive.ca/
ThumbnailUniversaliaGold SponsorAvec 39 ans d’expérience en Suivi et évaluation et Évaluation organisationnelle, Universalia est une firme canadienne de consultation dédiée à améliorer la performance de nos clients dans l’atteinte des Objectifs de développement durable en Afrique, Asie, Amérique latine et Caraïbes. L’approche d’Universalia se base sur la conviction qu’il est nécessaire de relier la théorie et la pratique et de construire des partenariats pour faire face aux défis de la planète. Nos domaines d’expertise englobent le développement et l’humanitaire, tels que l’éducation, l’égalité des sexes, l’environnement et la gouvernance. Nous offrons nos services multilingues aux Nations unies, banques de développement, ONG, centres de recherche, donateurs bilatéraux et fondations.https://www.universalia.com/en
ThumbnailWellQuest Consulting Ltd.Depuis 1994, WellQuest aide les organisations et les communautés à améliorer leur apprentissage et leur impact. Les domaines d'intérêt de WellQuest comprennent l'évaluation, la recherche appliquée, la planification et la conception fondées sur des données probantes et le perfectionnement professionnel axé sur les capacités - tous fondés sur une approche axée sur la collaboration et les forces. WellQuest travaille dans tous les secteurs - y compris les services sociaux, la justice, les loisirs, la santé et l'éducation - et sur des partenariats intersectoriels et des initiatives axées sur le système.http://wellquestconsulting.com